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Everything you want to know about the all-electric 2023 MINI Cooper SE


The MINI Cooper has always been known as a fun, sporty, and very agile small two-door performance hatchback that is perfect for the city and for zipping around traffic. It is the perfect car for an urban lifestyle and the 2023 MINI Cooper SE and its fully electric powertrain push the envelope of urban mobility even further. With the new 2023 MINI Cooper SE, every single drive is electrifying.
You will enjoy not having to worry about putting fuel in your vehicle or the price of gas ever again. And unlike other electric vehicles that have to be put away for a while while they charge, the 2023 MINI Cooper SE goes from needing a charge to fully charged as quickly as it zips around corners.

A different kind of electric vehicle
The 2023 MINI Cooper SE is your very own electric go-cart for the city. Its impressive agility mimics the handling found in the traditional MINI Cooper which means that it turns and handles like it was directly connected to your thoughts. All you have to do is nudge the steering wheel in the general direction where you want to go, and the MINI Cooper will take you there almost instantaneously.
The electric powertrain found in the 2023 MINI Cooper SE delivers a total of 181 hp which is enough to reach 60 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Why 60 km/h? Well, because when you're driving around in the city, that's really what matters. What this tells you is that the MINI Cooper SE has the level of performance that you want when driving in an urban environment and it will immediately and quickly accelerate from stop signs or traffic lights with confidence.
The MINI Cooper SE is powered by electricity only, electricity that comes from a 32-kWh battery which delivers 183 km of range. Now some may be thinking that this is less range than other electric vehicles and we will not lie, you would be right. However, there are a few things to consider here.
For starters, how many times do you drive over 100 km or even over 50 km in a single day? Some people will do so regularly, but most of us drive around 25 km every day. Very few people need to drive over 180 km on a regular basis and so, although the actual range number of the MINI Cooper SE may not be as high as others, it still can do what most owners will need it to do which is get them to and back from work every day, get them to the store, or take them on a short trip on weekends.
Moreover, a smaller battery has its advantages. On a Level III quick charger, you can get 80% of the range in just 35 minutes. That means that even if you have to do longer trips, you can use the fast charger network and you won't have to wait hours at the charging station like other electric vehicles. You can charge your MINI Cooper SE and get back on the road a lot faster. Charging at home on a Level II charger requires only 4.0 hours while you can also plug your MINI Cooper SE on a 110 V outlet found in your garage. Doing so will allow you to charge your MINI quickly without having to invest in a charging station. This is actually useful if you go somewhere that doesn't have a charger because at home, we recommend that you install the Level II charger to get the most benefit out of your MINI Cooper SE ownership experience.
Last but certainly not least, the MINI Cooper SE is available with all of the available government rebates from Quebec and Canada. That means that you get up to $12,000 off the price of your 2023 MINI Cooper SE. This makes the electric MINI Cooper of the most affordable electric vehicles on the market today. It is a great way to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle without breaking the bank. Give us a call today to learn more about the impressive 2023 MINI Cooper SE.

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