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Five Tips for The Spring Maintenance of Your MINI


Spring is officially here and summer is just around the corner. The days are getting longer, the snow is slowly melting and soon we'll be able to enjoy much milder conditions on the road. It's a good time to prepare our MINI for summer and, above all, to remove all traces of winter from our car.
Indeed, winter is never kind to our vehicle. Salt, sand, cold and potholes can cause all kinds of problems. Fortunately, our specialists at MINI Ville de Québec will be able to inspect, maintain, repair if necessary and especially clean your MINI just in time for the return of summer.
Just as we clean our house or maintain our yard in the spring, our vehicle also needs a little attention. So here are five maintenance tips for your MINI that will help you make the most of the coming months while protecting your vehicle, its performance and its resale value.
Perform maintenance
As soon as the winter is over, it’s time to perform maintenance on our vehicle. This maintenance will check the condition of various mechanical and aesthetic components of your vehicle, verify the alignment, the battery power, the fluid levels and the general condition of the mechanics. As mentioned earlier, winter is tough on cars and the best way to ensure that there has been no damage in the past few months is to have your MINI serviced.
Check your tires
It's time to put on our summer tires in April. The risk of a final snowstorm is low and the temperatures outside are milder for summer tires. But we need to make sure our tires are still in good condition and if not, we need to make sure we replace them with tires designed for our MINI. Our tire specialists at our tire center can help you with this.
Clean the interior
Winter leaves traces, especially calcium traces in the interior of our vehicle. Our detailing experts can clean the interior of your MINI from top to bottom and we have several packages to offer. You'll feel like your MINI is brand new when it leaves our detailing shop.
Clean the body
Cleaning the interior is one thing, but you also need a thorough cleaning of the exterior. We need to remove all the dirt lodged under the vehicle and in the engine compartment. Again, we have complete detailing packages to make sure winter doesn't leave its mark on your MINI.
Protect your MINI
Once the interior and exterior have been thoroughly cleaned, it's time to protect the paint and interior. We have a variety of products that can help you with this, including paint and fabric sealers, products that protect leather from the sun's rays, and products that protect your MINI's bodywork. In addition, we can also offer you a windshield raincoat, which is especially useful if you drive a lot in the summer.
Trust our experts at MINI Ville de Québec to take care of your MINI this spring!

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